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    I have a new problem with my GSM Treo 600 and it seems to be getting worse.

    From time to time when I hit the button to light up the screen, all I will get is a black screen (that is still illuminated) - just displaying a muddy black color.

    To fix I have to turn the screen off and then back on again and everything is normal. NOW it is also starting to happen when people call me...rather than showing caller ID, it shows the illuminated black screen...meaning I can't see who's calling and I can't hit the "answer" button that appears on the screen.

    It seems like it is gradually happening more and more.

    Has anyone else seen this?
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    I sometimes get the black (very dark blue for me) screen but very seldom when receiving a call. I know it's one of my utilities (I suspect TreoGuard) that's causing this so I just work around it.
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    Well I don't have TreoGuard or any 3rd party phone related it might be some other glitch. Thanks for responding. Anyone else?

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