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    OK, first some disclaimers: 1) I'm not employed by any software/hardware companies - I'm a real estate property manager; 2) we just recently upgraded to ACT 2005 (yes, it has bugs!); I did not do the actual sync, but watched 1 of the guys in our office do it.

    Overview of his operation: 1) He first synced 3,800 contacts to his TREO 650, took about 8 minutes; all 3,800 showed up in his TREO; 2) using his TREO he added a new contact and a calendar appointment and did another sync; both the new contact an appointment showed up in his desktop computer; 3) he turned off his TREO, then turned it back on; 4) had to reboot the desktop to get back to working condition.

    Completed the above steps using a BETA version of CompanionLink he downloaded to his desktop this morning. I guess there is a 2-week free trial, then the cost is $50.00.

    I'm not saying this is the perfect solution, but it appears to offer a possible solution to the frustration of not being able to sync ACT 2005 to the TREO 650, not to mention a 2-way sync!

    Check it out on the CompanionLink webpage and see if you get the same results.

    Good luck, Craig
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    Same here, once I got it to sync I have had zero issues and have enjoyed two way communication since. Whew, now I just have to get my company to pony up the 50.00 DOH!

    Does anyone know if i can use another calendar program and not hose up ComapanionLink/Act2005 configuration?
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