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    I probably didn't look long enough, but i didn't see a similar thread. I just wanted to tell people that i received the 128MB SD card from Palm in the mail today. Must say, i was very pleased. It's good to see Palm follow up on something like this. I must be one of only 2 or 3 people (if you read all the problem threads) that is really happy with their 650, and who hasn't had any significant problems.

    Even created one or two of my own ROM programs, and nothing broken yet....

    Anyway, for those who ordered them, you should see your memory cards soon.
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    Yep, got mine today too. I'm using it to store an emergency backup version of my current ROM (which is working very nicely)...just in case.
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    Got mine today too! Funny little thing; says it is a Secure Digital, but is thin like a MMC. It doesn't have a slide lock on it either. Really, I am thinking if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, must be a duck.

    I beleive it is an MMC, not an SD...but I really don't care anyway it was free and I sincerely appreciate Palm sending it my way.
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    Me too. Today.
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    me 2. 2day.
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    I just got my Treo a few days ago and ordered the SD card immediately. I get an email yesterday saying the card is on back order - FYI.
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    Just received mine. I think i will put apps on this card, then videos and mp3s on my 512mb card.
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    Got mine today also. Does look like a MMC. No switch. P1 must have paid almost as much for shipping as they did for the card.
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    Is it me or does this card suck. I think there is a problem with the card. Every once in a while when i wake up my treo is gets screwed up with the card info. and freezes for a sec then goes to the card. Not the phone as i was at the phone b4 the phone went to sleep.

    When i wake it up after its been out for a while it will go "beep beep" the noise it makes when you insert the card or take it out.

    Is anyone else getting this problem?

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