I have an annoying probolem that the folks at Snapper mail have not been able to address and I thought someone here might have the answer to.

I had trial versions of both Snapper Mail (enterprise) and WebProV and made WebProV my default browser. Whenever I clicked on a link in an email, Web Pro was launched and I could jump to the appropriate webpage. Then I purchased both applications and installed the licensed version of each. Now when I click on a link, I get a message from WebPro that I am not authorized to run this application. To view the link I have to change my default browser in SnapperMail to Blazer and then it works fine ( just much more slowly). Yet WebProV works just fine as my browser when I launch it any other way.

Any ideas on what the problem is and more importantly, what I can do to fix it would be greatly appreciated. I have not tried re-installing everything and Snapper Mail says it is not a problem on their end.