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    Has anyone lost their touchscreen? Everything looks just fine on mine, it just doesn't respond to touch. I don't want to hard-reset unless it's absolutely necessary - any ideas?

    Last week I deleted Zlauncher and installed powerrun and fileZ. Other than that, nothing's changed internally.
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    My touchscreen has died once. All I had to do was a soft reset and things have been fine since then.
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    Have you tried a soft reset? Try rerunning the digitizer setup.
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    I've soft reset twice - no change. I also tried the digitizer setup - didn't work, screen still dead.
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    Have you recently applied a screen protector? Sometimes they can interfere with touchscreens...
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    Sorry, should have said thanks for attempting to help. I'm just frustrated and grouchy.
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    Wow, yes I replaced the screen protector this morning. Just took it off and my screen works again! Thank you very much. I'm a little surprised that it screwed me up, It' sthe same kind of protector I've had on it since day one - purchased from this site. I'll search these forums for a capable alternative - screen protection is a must have for us pocket carrying guys. Thanks again!
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    Glad to hear you're all set. You might want to try reapplying the protector, maybe in a slightly different place (by a MM or so). Now that you know it's causing it, you can try and try.
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    Yep, the 650's touchscreen has almost ZERO tolerance for a mis-seated screenprotector. If you get it wedged against ANY side AT ALL it will stop responding until you dislodge it... Make them slightly smaller and you'll be fine. I've seen almost 20 phones do this already...

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