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    Yesterday i installed Silverscreen (found on ) and it's impressive. I haven't seen any posts on here about it so i thought i'd recommend it. I know there are others (Launch'em, Launcher III, Handscape) but they all try to change the normal PalmOS front. I think that's their first mistake. I like the one touch front that the regular OS has. It's neat and efficient. not dragging the stylus across the screen, etc. Silverscreen makes a few changes that makes the operating front that much more effiecient. I recommend trying it...another advantage VERY EASY to install..just load it on and go...i've heard horror stories from people loading up those other programs.

    Interesting note (and maybe this should be another post) but Silverscreen lets you see the date each program was loaded onto your visor and while 'HotSync' 'Address', 'Datebook', 'memopad', 'todo list', etc. were loaded on August 31st, 1999. It's interesting to see that Expense and mail were loaded on December 3rd, 1998 and City time was loaded June 30th, 1999. Graffiti was loaded July 14th, 1999 and Security/Prefs was also loaded December 3rd, 1998. I wonder how long ago Handspring started production? Or did they buy the ROM with some programs pre-loaded?
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    I read about SilverScreen on PalmGearHQ and thought of installing on my own VDX. But a few reviews of the product from Palm owners complained of slowdown, hotsync problems and apps getting messed up if they tried to unistall Silverscreen. Did you experience any of these?

    Wants it but is too scared to mess his toy
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    i've actually noticed a speed increase. for example. if i were to click on the menu icon and then takes a second or two to load up. whereas, with silverscreen, i click on the catagories folder on the screen and it's there!

    i've noticed no slowdowns as far as other programs. and uninstalling it is just a matter of switching back to your regular PalmOS operating front (there's an icon to do this) and deleting 'silver.prc' like you would delete anyother program.

    INTERESTING NOTE: while in Silverscreen, you now have the capability to beam ANY program...including address, datebook, datebook+, mail, etc. all those that were 'locked'....
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    One thing I don't like silverscreen is it does not support two column list view. I have many programs in each category and don't want to scroll up/down frequently.
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    I tried and registered SilverScreen as well. However, I have a question for all of you, and I might need to post this in trouble shooting.

    If I set the contrast on my Visor Deluxe to a setting that is decent with the grayscale "calibration" within silverscreen, I run into two strange occurances. 1) You can see the viewable screen square as it is now slighly darker. Not a horrible problem, but it exists. 2) Whenever I bring up menus or dialog boxes, the vertical lines in them "extend" past the menu/box in a slighly lighter shade of gray, but still very visible, and from the top to the bottom of the screen. When my contrast was in the default middle setting, I didn't see either of these.

    Is this something I should expect due to the LCD screen, or is there some way to handle the problem?

    Thanks for any info!
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    I also tried downloading Silverscreen and really disliked that it didn't have tabs for the categories and lacked a two column list view. After 1/2 hour of playing around with it I deleted it an went back to Launcher III. I just can't make myself give up functionality (tabs, 2-column list view, etc.) for slightly improved graphics.
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    i gave Launcher III a try and it's neat with the tabs and everything else, however, i don't like the fact that you have to drag icons to beam or delete them. the last thing i need is to be dragging my stylus over the screen more than i have to. The advantages i see with the regular PalmOS (and it only improves PalmOS, doesn't change it) is the 'one touchness' of it all. I'm not a big fan of dragging stuff across the screen. Silverscreen allows you to drag icons, but at the sametime i can click on the trash can and get the delete list.

    the less dragging the longer my screen stays scratch free.

    my opinion.
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    I finally took the plunge and installed SilverScreen. The interface is fabulous.
    But what bothers me more than the streaking is the battery drain. My battery meter went down from 70% to 52% in the 2 days I have been using it. And most of the time, my screen shows Actioneer.
    Did any of you have similar experiences?

    must stock up on the batteries if he wants SS
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    i've been using Silverscreen for a little less than a week and haven't noticed any difference in battery drain (but i haven't really been paying attention either). The only time serious battery drain occurs when i do multiple HotSyncs to install software or update AvantGo channels.

    i'll keep monitoring battery drain with Silverscreen and let you know if i see the same...
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    Just installed SilverScreen and it works quite nicely......but where did my "File Mover" application for my 8MB module go????

    It disappeared from all if SilverScreen doesn't recognize it......anyone
    else have this happen to them?

    Stan in Colorado

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