Hi all,

I have been reading about some peoplems with the Treo 650 (that is taking so long for Palm to release the GSM version). The way things are going, the GSM model will probably reach the Canadian carriers (rogers) in spring for the earliest if that at all. And who know how long and when PalmOne will offer unlocked models to be shipped to Canada as well.

And i read that the delay may be a result of Palm fixing the problems of the 650 before releasing the GSM out. But someone commented on that he highly doubts it cause they may be already sitting in a warehouse and waiting to be shipped. If this is true, would Palm be fixing the bugs before releasing the second batch of GSM 650's? Does it work like that?

Rogers in Canada took a major drop in pricing for the 600


If i buy the 600 now, what are my options and workarounds to selling it when the 650 gsm is released, so that i can pick up one of those when the time comes?I am seriously thinking of picking up the 600 with no term from rogers above.