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    I have a new Sedio holster and when I remove the 650 when it is ringing it hits the ALT button. I have read about several programs that will stop this form happening but want to know what people are using? Please provide a link if you recommend a program.
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    I'm very happy with TreoGuard.

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    Ditto on TreoGuard. It's a great alternative keyguard for incoming calls, plus it has other great features such as auto-screen off during calls, schedule radio ON/OFF times, using WAV/MP3 as ringtones, and it has the option to disable alarms during calls.
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    Treoguard is fine but it does not work well with a bluetooth headset. If you answer your phone with the headset you will not be able to hang up with the headset. If you answer your phone with the actual phone button then you can hangup with the headset. hmm strange behavior but I'm sure if the developers read this they will check into it.
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    I'm also using the Seidio Holster and have the same problem:

    TreoGuard seems to be working ok for me
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    TreoGuard has been updated to address the issues with BT headsets. You can download the latest version (1.6.08) from my site, or select 'Updates & Support' from the TreoGuard 'Options' menu if you already have an earlier version installed.

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