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    I installed Afterburner 2.2 on my VDX and the applications that I have run at a higher speed freeze! Whenever I click the application the screen goes blank and I have to do a soft reset. I had the hack running also, so that shouldn't be the problem. I have since uninstalled it and am running Cruise Control.
    I really like the ability to choose a speed for each application but if I can't fix it I will have to stay with Cruise Control.

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    I had this problem too. It turns out that it happened only if I set the program to run at either 18 or 20MHz (Can't remember which). Any other setting seemed to work. Now, I set the default speed to be the slowest and only increase those that really need it, in an attempt to save some battery power (NiMH only get 11 - 13 hours of actual run time).

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    I use AfterBurner II to run all apps on my Visor at 22MHz except any that do beaming (e.g. BeamBox) as beaming needs to done at Normal speed. I have found it very stable.

    If you're concerned about your battery usage, turn off beaming -- that seems to have helped my battery life. If you attempt to beam, you will get a dialog box asking you if you want to enable beaming.
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    Ran at 22Mhz for a month without any problems. Now trying 24Mhz...

    However, I've had to use NoStreak Hack to reduce the screen flicker and streaking, which is especially bad at 18Mhz.
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    any troble with underclocking?
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    No trouble with underclocking: BigClock (I use it as an alarm clock) at 13MHz.

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