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    I have an AT&T Treo 600, and have been using Visto MessageXpress the past few years to get my corporate email (Outlook). I have just been informed that they will stop providing the service in 30 days. Went onto the web to look around, but have not found any thing compatible. Please give me some good alternatives. Thank you in advance.
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    tnguyenmdc ,
    I have a Treo 600 and I have the perfect solution for you. Email me at The company is called Good Technology and are the #1 solution out there for Outlook sync. Put your number in the email you send me. I will help you out.

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    we use Good for corporate wireless Outlook sync.
    IMHO, it's better than BlackBerry. in real-time syncs calendar, contacts, tasks, public folders and, of-course, e-mail. but not just in-box, sent items and deleted items, can also sync any additional folder (under your in-box).
    GoodLink on a Treo.... makes my eyes roll back with ecstasy.
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    Try Sproqit. It does more that GoodLink and they have a desktop solution which Good does not have. And it's cheaper. I dont know how anyone who's tried it would still use Good.
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    I am in a bind too, I cannot use Good Technology software as our corporate IT does not want to install server based applications so I am left with a desktop redirector option.

    Is Sproqit any better than Agendus Mail?

    I like the ability to be able to filter within the application instead of having another app to do it plus the fact that Visto MessageXpress does not tag the mails as having read once you retrieved it (which is what Snapper does).

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