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    I know how to select from Shoutcast and play on PTunes, but how do I save several of my favorite channels so I can go to them as bookmarks.

    And when it asks where you want to save, card or ptunes, i have to choose ptunes or it won't work.

    How do I discconnect from my pTunes when i'm done listening? just press stop and that will disconnect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandrion
    How do I disconnect from my pTunes when i'm done listening? just press stop and that will disconnect?

    My last cel bill was over $2700.00 perhaps due to a SHOUTcast connection inadvertently being left up on pTunes and no data plan...

    Thank goodness for the Christmas spirit and a compassionate CSR at Rogers Cellular...
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    $2700.00!! HOLY S**T!!
    Make It Happen!!
    If you don't, who will?
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    Thats funny, but that would suck if you had to pay for it. Why didn't you have the $10 unlimited vision service?
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    Rogers Cellular does not have an unlimited plan. Their default plan is 5 cents per KB! and the usage was around 52000KB's.

    What the CSR did was suscribe me to their $12 plan which allows 2000Kb and then 2 cents per kb after that, backbill me the 12 bucks and then recalc it all out at the "new" rate and tossed in some Christmas spirit forgiveness...
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    Sounds like you need to switch from 'Rogers' to another carrier that can provide you with unlimited time.
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    I'm not sure if you got your original question answered.

    To save Shoutcast stations, I think you have to access each station from the web one by one and PTunes automatically saves the station.

    To return to the station, Menu "Open" and choose "Shoutcast" from the pull down menu at the top right corner.

    If you have the ip addresses you can enter the stations directly into PTunes.

    As to disconnecting PTunes, I believe stopping the stream AND switching to another application shuts down your network connection for PTunes but you may have to check their website.
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    If I follow you correctly, if you use the pulldown inside of PTunes, select "Add Bookmark" under Tools you can add a 'bookmark' for your station. I must have 5 or 6 of them saved under there. Just double click the bookmark (again, under tools, click 'bookmarks'), and you're off to the new saved station.

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