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    I HotSync my 650 to my home computer and my work computer both. Usually with no problem. But today, after being on vacation for 2 weeks, I went to sync with my work computer for the first time, and it's giving me the message:

    "Duplicate user names are not permitted. The user, "me," already exists on this PC.

    If you wish to perform a HotSync operation between this handheld and this PC, you must rename the existing 'Jefferson' user on the Palm OS Desktop by selecting the User Dialog in the Tools menu."

    I'm sure there's some simple explanation/fix for this, but I don't want to go screw something else up in my effort to correct it. It used to Sync to both fine, but I suppose over the holidays I messed something up or something.

    Anyone know why it's doing this?

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    Aw, c'mon you Treo junkies! This should be an easy one. Someone must have the fix. I need to Sync up!

    : )
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    What name does your Treo know itself by? (Look in the upper right hand corner of the screen when you open up the Hotsync app on the Treo) All you should have to do is make sure that this username is selected as the default hotsync user on each machine you sync to.
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    The Treo knows itself as "Jefferson." Maybe I don't have it set to default to that name, but it's the only name there is. I've never used another. How do I ensure it's defaulting to that?
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    Open Palm Desktop on the computer that was giving you the error. Under the Tools menu, make sure the user is set to "Jefferson".
  6.    #6 is. No other option anyway. But FYI, I don't use Palm Desktop, but Outlook. Does that make a difference?
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    Weird. Try this:

    Click on the Hotsync Manager icon in your system tray. Select Setup, then click the Network tab. Make sure "Jefferson" is checked and any others are unchecked.
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    I did that. "Jefferson" is the only one I even have, and it is checked. I ensured the same thing on my home computer. I Synced fine at home again last night. So today I uninstalled and reinstalled the Palm software on my work computer thinking that might work. Nope. Still nothing.

    What in the WORLD could be causing this?????

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    OK, so I went into Palm Desktop (which, again, I don't use at all ordinarily), and created a new profile, "Jefferson1." I HotSync'd, and everything APPEARS to be fine. But what of this new profile? Should I try deleting it now and seeing what happens from there? Do I now have one uneccesary profile that may cause issues in the future?

    This is kind of a pain...

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