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    I keep hearing about people using movie players on their 600's. My question is how good is the quality. Is it good enough to warrent paying $50 for mmplayer and pocket dvd.
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    For me, it wasn't worth the $50 of both, but it was worth the $15 of MMPlayer plus the free apps to rip (Mac the Ripper) and encode (D-Vision2).

    It's not something you're going to sit around and watch with a few friends...but if you're stuck on a plane, jury duty, in a hotel room etc. it beats the hell out of solitaire.
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    Don't they take away all phones with cameras in jury duty?
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    I have been very pleased with my purchase of the MMPlayer/Pocket-DVD combo.

    Granted, it's not like watching a movie on a 52" HD home theater, but then you can't very well carry your home theater system around with you all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markito
    Don't they take away all phones with cameras in jury duty?
    Well, once your range of numbers get picked and you head up to a courtroom for selection, you really need to be paying attention, but while you're sitting in the common room (pool) waiting for your group to be picked, you can pretty much do whatever you, use a laptop, long as you can pay enough attention to see when your number comes up and not bother those around you.

    That's the way it works in Harris County (Houston) anyways.
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    I think the $30 + $15 goes a long way especially if you have a lot of downtime away from home (or go on a lot of shopping trips with the wife/gf). If you can rip it using free tools (I started another thread about that), it's even better... you'd just need to pay $15 for mmplayer.
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    I use the 2 on my 650, and I have to admit quality is superb. Its like watching a home video, just on a smaller screen. I'm totally satisfied, as I just encoded Troy, beautiful!

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