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    my new 650 freezes up and I can't turn is on unless I remove the battery (soft reset doesn't help). Is there a fix for this black screen?

    In all other ways I love the much better than the 600.
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    Mine does the same thing sometimes. Did you get a fix for the problem?
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    Just to make it clear, the phone seems like it's still on because the green light still flashes. However, my phone will not response. I also tried holding down the green phone key and the red phone. Is this something that I have to live with or is there a fix?

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    I fixed the same problem by returning the phone to sprint and waiting on the GSM version. Yes, I'm serious.

    This problem is not accepted by Sprint or Palm in my interactions with both.
    Sprint kept telling me the problem didn't exist because they could not recreate it in the store within the 45 minutes they tried. They wanted me to keep it for another week and see if it "cleared-up". That's troubleshooting at it's finest. I'm just glad I learned about Sprint's customer service before the 14 day return policy expired.

    I think the issue is related to signal strength and roaming. This problem would occur very often in my home, but only happened occasionally in my office or on the road. At home I could sometimes end up roaming on Verizon, so that's why I think it's signal related. It usually locked up in areas when sprint signal was weak and the verison signal was solid.

    I had a LONG talk with a member of the Palm support team. At first they insisted it was application related, but I did managing to finally get them to understand that it occurs even after a hard reset with only the base software installed. They asked about escalting the issue thru Sprint Network support, but my return window was running out and I'd already had enough of Sprint support.

    This problem is a real pain, as the phone looks like it's working (LED Blinks) but you don't know you are missing calls until you try and wake it up and find it's locked up.
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    My brand new unlocked GSM version did the same thing right out of the box, with no applications intalled. It happened about 3 times per week. Then I installed Verichat, and now it happens about 5 times per day :-(

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