I had read several past postings on the "no service" problem on the Treo 600 on this site. My problem has been resolved and I thought people would want to hear the story.

I had the problem on a chronic basis for the past few months, but it was rare. I did take it into the Sprint store at least once and they were unable to replicate the problem.

So a couple days ago the problem resurfaced, but now persistent. It was 2 weeks after I went out of warranty. I went in and they confirmed the problem. Initially they told me they would not do anything under the warranty. Essentially I was going to have to pay $599 for a new phone.

I asked to speak to a manager and he came through, giving me a reconditioned phone at no charge. It did take me 2+ hours to get everything resolved, but I'm happy in the end. The fact that I had been in during the warranty period with the problem was a key difference. My loyalty to Sprint went up a couple ticks after this experience.

I'd like to thank everyone who's posted on this issue in the past, as those posts helped me understand the situation.

Warren Redlich