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    I have been looking around for the best database application. Anyone out there already do the comparisons? Any preferences?
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    Depends on what you want . . .

    JFile Pro (new version of JFile) probably has the largest library of databases . . . geek stuff mostly. It is a fine tool for designing simple databases, and it has some zero cost command-line tools for converting data between JFile Pro and Access. It also has something that I've been seeking for some time; but at an additional price, $50! The following is an excerpt from a third-party product description:

    . . . Jet File Pro is designed to map the data of many Palm Pilots into one MS Access table, enabling you to create applications that re-distribute data that is collected on many handheld devices . . . .

    If you are interested in this add-on, goto

    TealInfo also has a good library of useful databases, and you have more options for displaying info. However, it is limited to publishing info; I don't think you can do data entry with it.

    If your looking for limited relational db features, then HanDBase and ThinkDB are your best options. HanDBase has the advantage of also having some content already developed for it. ThinkDB is the better deal, because its cost includes a GUI desktop interface between ThinkDB and Access (something that costs extra for HanDBase). However, if you need multi-platform support, HanDBase is the way to go. HanDBase also has zero cost command-line converters, which should lend themselves to scripts. In any event, if you need relational features, I'd try them both, and see which fits your needs better.

    If your trying to work with a database server, then Oracle has a product you should check out - - only serious developers need apply however.

    [snipped wrong headed rant]

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    I have been using thinkDB and am quite satisfied with it. I was able to import some rather large excel data files and covert them into a data base that worked for me. Had tried a couple others, but settled on this one.
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    Originally posted by yucca:
    Depends on what you want . . .
    If your trying to work with a database server, then Oracle has a product you should check out - - only serious developers need apply however.
    Sybase does also. They're the industry leader in small footprint mobile and embedded databases. It's also only for serious developers.
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    Both HanDBase and ThinkDB are very good. ThinkDB has better Expression fields (calculations based on other fields/previous record), but HanDBase has better drop down list support. Now if you could merge the two, you'd have a near perfect database solution.

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    And FYI, there is no extra charge for the HanDbase desktop app. It's included w/ the registered palmOS app.

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