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    I really like the Treo 650 device and will probably be purchasing one in the next week or two. I would prefer a windows 2003 PDA/phone however most of those are too big.

    One of the things that I like about the windows devices that I have not seen in the Palm OS is a "Today Page". On the Windows devices the default page shows your appointments for the day, lets you know if its someone's birthday, ect. On my treo 600, you have to actually open up the calender to see if there is anything goin on for the day.

    Is there a mod/software/option to make the treo to have a similar screen as the default main page? (as you know the default treo page is just a menu showing all the programs available). If there isnt, why hasnt someone made it yet or better yet why hasnt Palm thought of this?

    Im new to this forum so if someone has aksed or posted about this and there was an actual answer please link it in a reply.

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    2day from shsh software
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    Well, for me the main page is the phone screen. On the Treo 650, by default you can modify it to show you:
    * Email waiting
    * Voicemail waiting
    * Your next appointment from your calendar

    That works great for me as a "today" page, while still showing the keypad for the phone.
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    2day is the most configurable one out there
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    I use Today by Jonas Lindstedt for palm. It works great, on my treo 600, and is freeware.

    Here is the link.
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    And according the the compatibility list:
    Today v2.2 is good on the 650as well!
    Sooner or later it's bound to be later...
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    using it on a 650. anyone know if you can make the Today's program 'week' view one of the views one sees when you toggle through (when pressing the calendar button on the face of the phone)?

    on the 600 one could go into caledar preferences and select both 'initial view' and 'button views' then pick the views you wanted to see. don't know...maybe the 600 offered the Week view (where it has the boxes for each day all on one sreen) and I simply forgot that fact....had thought it was the Today program though that added that feature.

    seems this v2.3 on a 650 might only allow you to do the Menu-W to get the week view while using the program (which you run by pressing the 650 Phone button which toggles the Today program's Today screen off and on.

    Last, the old program allowed you to do a two week view or a one week view once you had the 'week' view window displayed (anyone that used it on the 600 would probably know what I'm talking about).
    thanks for any input
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    The built in calendar has an agenda function which is very similar to the today screen on PPCs. Agendus expands on this functionality, but as of yet, whether it be pocket pc or palm, I still haven't found a today program that is so customizable that i can tell it which tasks and meetings to show, but then I haven't tried 2day.
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    Their product 2Day! is the best and most configurable. It also features 100% stylus-navigation for daily use. Great product. My must have without a doubt. I use it everytime I turn my Treo on. Works with all the other apps you might be looking at- ChatterEmail, Toccer, Causerie, VoicePad, NotePad, etc.
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    KeyguardTime+, discussed here: ( may be a useful program to you as well.

    It is totally free, and has many options.

    I've set it to display "today" like things when holding down the green phone button.

    Ver configurable, compatible, and fast.

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