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    I have the BT250 for Treo 650 - works fine for calls...

    However, I would like to listen to my music (via Kinoma or RealPlayer depending on file format) and I'm looking for a good wired stereo headset that will also allow answering calls...

    I've been considering the Seidio 2 in 1 headset, Retractable -

    But it clearly states that it is for the Treo 600 making not mention of the 650...

    Any suggestions?
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    I use the Seidio headphones a couple hours a day with my 650. They work fine.
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    Great - thx... Gonna get those... they look nice with the volume control and retractable thingy...
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    I have these (Seidio headphones) and they do work great - the retractable cord keeps them from getting tangled. I usually have my phone volume turned up real loud but can adjust the music volume (in ptunes) separately.

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