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    -Is the sound quality issue limited to the on board speaker? How is it with either a wired or blue tooth headset? I did a search on sound quality but haven't found enough to satisfy this inquiring mind
    -Also, I found a few posts of jack adapter issues. How widespread of an issue is this?

    I really want to be able to get a 650 with confidence that the primary function of a cell phone will work consistently well.

    As always, thanks for any responses!
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    I agree. If the sound quality is not as good as the 600, it is not worth it to me to upgrade. I like the sound on the 600.
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    Anyone to chime in? The sound quality issue....does it only affect the onboard speaker? or does it affect wired/wireless headsets as well?
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    Actually, the sound quality issue pertains to the Treo's onboard microphone and the way people on the other end of a call hear you (or don't ).
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    When people complained, it was from speaking on the actual phone. When I use either a Bluetooh (HBH-660) or a wired headset, I have no complaints at all.
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    Yeah. The sound quality on the side of the 650 owner, is fantastic.
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    I have had my phone only for a few days, but with Shadowmite's ROM, I have had no complaints from the mic, a wired headset, or the Scala 500 bluetooth headset.
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    My Phone sounds Like CRAP...Audio is crackling when the volume is adjusted to higher than 3! What's w/ the...Shadowmite's ROM (*?*)
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    when talking to the phone directly, no issues at all. it's all crystal clear.

    when talking on the speakerphone, the other side has hard time hearing me.

    when talking on the move (in a car), i can hear well, but the other side has some issue.
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    Okay, sounds like the issue is not AS BAD as I was led to believe, and even less so with the ROM patch. Thanks everyone!

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