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    Hello all!

    I have been looking high and low for a good planner that syncs. I tried using the Franklin Planner Software but the installer wants to replace the hotsync program with its own, which doesn't include USB. No go there.

    Anybody got any ideas or any work arounds for this? I am emailing FranklinCovey about support for the Visor, but am hoping you awesome people might know an answer! =)

    So far, the best thing I have used is Life Balance but it doesn't sync with the desktop.

    Thanks a whole bunch!

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    I'm using the Franklin Planner for Outlook software (Outlook 2000), and I believe that I reinstalled my Visor software after FPfO was through with its install. You might want to check the FAQ at Franklin-Covey's web site:

    While I'm not dissatisfied with the package, I do wish that the ToDo list was integrated with the built-in ToDo list on the Visor. I am also disappointed with how fat the F-C Palm apps are. They also seem to lack the means for marking their records as private (something I see as desireable for the Values, Role and Goals modules).

    Also, if you want to see how the system can be implemented without F-C's software, checkout:

    I wish that I had seen that website before I spent the $$$ on the F-C software. I would have at least tried doing things as Jeff suggests.

    BTW, the F-C software (non-Outlook version) is on the incompatible list maintained by Visorcentral . . .
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    While obviously I prefer the method outlined on my website, I feel compelled to point out that the Franklin Covey software *will* work on the Visor. What you have to do is to install the FPS software, then do a custom install of the HandSpring software, installing just the HotSync Manager into the same folder as FPS. Works fine.

    Jeff Kirvin
    Writing On Your Palm
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    Hey yucca and jkirvin,

    Thank you for your tips!!!!!!!

    I really liked your idea on the custom planner method. I initially wanted a planner solution that worked on the desktop as well as the palm. That was one reason I purchased the franklin planner software. Another reason was the ability to print to Franklin filler papper (this works great!). But I realized that I really needed to have everything working together on the visor first and foremost. I did not want to have every todo item forced into a goal just to get it into the datebook. That was very annoying. And the use of a different database for the todo list was also irksom. I may yet go back to FPS if they change these things.

    I am using Arranger, ToDo Plus, and Datebook more or less as you say. Still working on your method of organizing. It makes sense to me but it's not my habit.

    I am going to return the franklin software before the thirty days are up. I gave it a chance but in the end, I agree with everything you said about FPS.

    Thanks again!

    *NOTE: If anyone is trying to get the FPS software to work with their HP laser printer, I found out that if you use the original "HP Laser Jet" driver, FPS will not crash. I have an HP LaserJet IIP and its driver causes FPS to fail.

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