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    When I first got my Treo 650, the Ms. Pac-man game worked just fine, but now after using PowerRun to transfer it to my SD, whenever I try to play the game, I get the following error:

    "Error in copying file into internal in all mode./palm/Programs/PowerRUN/Ms Pac-Man/ Error code=0x0203"

    Then after taping on "OK", I get:
    "Can't launch application/palm/Programs/PowerRUN/Ms Pac-Man/ Error code=0x0203"

    I even tried to use PowerRun to move the game back to the internal storage, to keep it there, but I get a very similar error when I try.

    I'd delete Ms. Pac-Man and re-install it, but I don't have a copy of it to install.

    Any suggestions? Have any of you run into this problem?

    Except for this, PowerRun has worked flawlessly with ALL of my apps.
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