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    i was wondering if anyone else has taken short/long trips with their TomTom to find weird discrepancies.

    for example, i have noticed TomToms aversion to highways and expressways in cases where they may have been more effecient. instead itll take like 10 smaller streets, one situation which put me in a 45 minute delay because of jammed traffic.

    also i tried a poi to an airport the other day and ended up in a small private landing strip behind the international airport.

    these things aggravate me and i was wondering a few things.
    is there a way to tell tomtom to give preference to expressway routes in certain situations (not trying to find new alternatives over and over till you hit one tha tmight work) and also...

    are there any GPS units out there (pricey or not) that reference information like rush hour traffic, tolls, weather or road blocks and update that info in real time and allow you to filter based on pref or best case scenario?

    like.. cheapest + scenic ... best weather + shortest

    i dunno ... if there isnt such a thing there sure as hell should be. the data exists, why not crunch it how it should be crunched!
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    Traffic information in the US isn't available wirelessly in a nationwide, standard format. There are local pockets that you can subscribe to for a fee in some areas, but they aren't very widespread and use different delivery protocols and formats. Some commercial ventures (like Pharos Smart Traffic) try to glue local information together into a semblance of a nationwide service, but even these only cover specific cities. Several European countries (UK and Germany, others as well, I believe), have nationwide traffic data available from road sensors, etc., and some software vendors (including Tom Tom) have add-on modules and subscription services that support them. But the picture in the US isn't nearly as clear.

    I've heard mention of routing preferences on TomTom, but I don't know the details, since I currently use Mapopolis.

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