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    Just wanted to give a shout out, and a BIG THANK YOU, to all the developers, and hackers on this forum, whom have gone above and beyond, creating apps, and work-arounds to fix Palmone's blunder(NVFS). Man I really miss Handspring. I mean they really screwed up ROYALLY putting such a beautiful gadget together. When this should have been the simplest job ever. Take the Treo 600, and add hi-res, bluetooth, and a bigger keyboard. Mission accomplished! The perfect PDA. But nooooooooo! They had to do it their way, and we all have to pay.

    But thanks to the perseverance, and ingenuity, of so many Treo lovers like myself, this is slowly but surely, becoming a useable piece of hardware(still some annoying bugs). I'm still not brave enough to get rid of my 600, before Palm releases some kind of fix for the NVFS memory, and these soft reset issues, but I wanted to let you guys know that you are appreciated. So please keep up the good work!
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    I second that!
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    bump. Trying to make sure most if not all developers read this.
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    125 views and onlt two thanx?!!! you ungrateful bastards!! :-O
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    Hear hear!

    And let me throw out extras kudos to the extra-attentive developers who go that extra mile, find out what we need/want, and deliver it. Jeff Gibson and Mark Blank would be two good examples. Shadow, of course, gets a special nod.
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    Wonderful developers here that are WAY smarter than I am. Thanks guys, my Treo650 would be way worse off without you.
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    Yes, Thank You! Also I'd like to add Silverado to the list
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    THANKS... Palm one fix your **** :-D
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    And "Mines" for inspiring us to "Verizonize" our 650. I wouldn't even have a Treo 650 and be here using this forum if it weren't for his inspiration and instruction. Thanks Mines!
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    Yep, I second this as well. Devs are the 650's only hope to rise above mediocrity. Keep going guys.
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    You aren't forgotten guys. I refuse to let this thread die! Moderators, this should be added to the half-dozen stickys you already have. Lets show some appreciation. Developers should post paypal links on this thread for donations. I love you guys! You saved me from sending this reset box back to Sprint. Thank you!
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    THANK YOU developers!!!!!
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    Your comments and kind words are very much appreciated. I only wish I could spend more time developing "fun" applications rather than coding workarounds for ugly problems! And the funny thing is the more I develop workarounds the more I find other problems. So sad on a product of this cost...... All I can say is that I will do my best to keep this device working.

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