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    any thoughts on good one?
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    BigClock has all the features I need and it's free.
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    The alarm function is the coolest. Set the alarm turn your visor off and it turns itself on and beeps you for the time you set.
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    I have to agree... Bigclock is THE clock program you need for just about every purpose (alarms, different time zones, stopwatch, countdown timer all in one...) at a price (free) which can't be beat.

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    i downloaded big clock, but there's this scary txt file saying there's a nasty bug that might cause a (gulp) hard reset... so i didn't install it.

    has this affected you visor users?

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    No problems yet, only have had to do one soft reset and that was casued by Miner 2149

    Counting my lucky stars. All hail to the mighty god of Palm may he continue to be in favor in the eyes of the alimighty Gates.
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    I have used BigClock for three weeks now. Have set the alarm to wake up daily for a week long trip. It worked great!! Set it, turn the Visor off, and forget it until it beeps you awake.

    Have had no bugs, no hard or soft resets of any kind. No difficulty figuring out how to use it.

    A great piece of software, at a Fantastic price (FREE).


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