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    is anyone fimilar with this program ? can you keep track how long each individual call goes for ijust downloaded the program and not suye
    thanks in advance joel
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    You can check how long each call goes for in your Phone application's call log feature.
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    i checked that it gives all info except for duration of each indiviual call unless im missing something
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    From the call log, highlight a call and click on Details
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    that does not give you length of call
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    There is an enhanced verson of the call log that can be downloaded from...somewhere. It does include duration for each call. Maybe
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    Quote Originally Posted by specbz
    that does not give you length of call
    On my call log, I do get call duration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by klam
    On my call log, I do get call duration.
    That's because you have a GSM (non-Sprint) phone. Sprint purposely hides the call duration from phone logs. (Technically, they tell (i.e. FORCE) PalmOne to cripple that feature on the phone's log.)

    For Treo users on Sprint, the only option is to get a 3rd-party call log program.
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    That sucks. Verizon (CDMA) shows call duration in the built-in call log.
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    any one have any ideas on call duration programs!
    thanks in advance this board is great!!!
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    Perhaps more than you're looking for, but I use Call Notes.

    I adds a log to the notes field of the contact (also syncs to Outlook) regarding the dates, times and duration of calls to individual contacts.
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    i downloaded call notes to my treo 650 and i cant find where they are placed doe it work with a treo 650?
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    This THREAD will help you out.
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    i real new to this and im not sure what i should be looking at in the thread
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    thanks to all i just downloaded a thread and my call duration is back

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