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    Anyone have any recommendations for the best screen protector for the T600 - thanks in advance
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    I like Boxwave, but others will pipe in with many different preferences
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    I like They are REAL clear. A little expensive but worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    I like They are REAL clear. A little expensive but worth it.
    $13 a pop, wow, it IS expensive. But will definitely give it a try. Hate to wipe my screen every 2 hrs
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    It is a little expensive. I tried another brand on my wife's Treo. She complained when she saw how nice mine was!
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    Does the Treo 650 need a screen protector? I haven't seen screen protectors made for the Treo 650.
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    One question, based on this review (,

    Cons: Screen is so smooth you may notice smudges/fingerprints more

    Does it mean I still have to clean it all day long?
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    I love Boxwave CleartTouch Anti-Glare. Just be really careful to align it properly and when applying it because it can't be moved.
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    I use Palm One universal screen protector- just have to trim it to size. Does an excellent job
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    12 for $10.30

    I have used only 2 in the last 15 months of Treo ownership.

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