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    I'm looking for a program where I can download various web pages (news, medical journals, etc) to my visor. Avantgo does most of what I want, but I'm interested in Isilo and Isilo Web and its capabilities. Has anyone had any experience with it? It sounds like you don't have to be online to actually transfer the files to your visor during hotsynching, just have them cached on your computer. That sounds like a big advantage over Avantgo. The next question is, how do you find the web page equivalents to Avantgo's channels?
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    There are several ways to get the web pages into iSilo. First, check the site's AvantGo link. It may go to a generic PDA optimized version of the web site that will work with iSiloWeb. If that fails, ask the site's web master for the url that they give to AvantGo. If that fails, ask for the text only alias for the site. If all else fails, you can save the pages from your browser to disk, and then setup iSiloWeb channels to the files on your disk.

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