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    I purchased this program, but after downloading it and trying to install it, I was thoroughly baffled and clueless about how to get it installed. I have OS 10.2 on my Mac, and I have Stuffit Expander 8.02 to decompress the files. There isn't any instructions on how to install this program, which really surprises me, since using the installer is far from intuitive. Once the files are all unstuffed, I'm left with 2 mysterious folder entitled "bin_Debug" and "bin_Release". However, the dozens of files these folders contain have strange names, like "VersaMail_ macBD" and "VersaMail_macBD.hqx. None of them give me any idea as to what I'm supposed to do with them. I'm looking for Prc files, but I see none. What gives here ?Something tells me I may be out $29.99 for a program I may never get to use. I wish I could have downloaded a trial version, but there wasn't any place I could see on the site to do that. Anyone out there have any idea what the problem(s) may be? Trying to get help from the Handango site has proven to be useless. Without going into more specifics as to why, I think they need more help in general than I do in this particular instance. Thanks, Ken
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    I forgot to mention it's version 2.7, which is the latest.
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    You should have a file called VersaMail_MacE.hqx . Just double click on that and it should *install* it. (meaning you have to do a hotsync afterwards, but you should be good to go then)
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    I double clicked on the program entitled VersaMail_MacE (the file called VersaMail_MacE.hqx had already unstuffed the VersaMail_MacE file), and it unstuffs, but no files or folder show up anywhere. I did a hotsync, but nothing installed. Thanks for the help you've given me so far, but maybe there's something else I need to know.

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