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    I purchased the Treo 650 two days ago. When I insert the card and go to the card tab it does not show me anything on the card?? So I had to download Filez to use to see whats on the card. I used both sandisk and lexar cards and both are not being read by the treo 650 I have formatted both cards in the treo and still no good. Is there some fix out there so the Treo can see my cards?
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    do you have any apps loaded on the card. after you format the card in the Treo you said the Treo sees the card. did you try then the write to it?
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    Yes I placed files on it but no apps
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    I've attached a screenshot of what I think you're doing by your description...chosing your card from the drop-down list in the program menu. Is this correct?

    If so, there's nothing wrong. You're not going to see files on it by looking in the program menu...the menu will only show applications. The individual files will be visible in whichever application uses them. For example, if you put a bunch of mp3s on the card, you will see them in Real Player or pTunes. You can also see and manage them with a utility like FileZ.
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    thanks man u are so correct
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    Glad to hear nothing's wrong...enjoy your 650!

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