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    Anyone using a case for Treo 650 that has a flip lid that I could fit a couple of Id's or credit cards in? I want to have my wallet & Treo case in one...
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    Vaja Cases are nice, little pricey though.
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    There's this case in the TC Store.
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    This was what I was looking for specifically. I use the Bellagio. I have a "ruggedized" and a standard version. It holds one card out of the box, but what I have done is force two in (use things you don't need often - like video rental cards, old hotel room cards, etc - they are HARD to extract). After a few days, add a third. Take them out a few times every day. After a week or so, you can use three cards in there at once. Don't try to force too much at first as you can rip the stitching. Now I keep my check card, a regular sized credit card, my liscense, and a "mini" credit card in there. I don't ever carry anything else unless I need my checkbook for something. Only concern is that the pockets that hold SD cards stretch, too. I haven't lost one yet, but I'm paranoid enough that I keed adjusting them. It has one on the front flap and one on the back in another flap at the bottom.
    The Vaja cases have a similar flap pocket feature, but I don't know how well the leather stretches. Their SD pockets look a little more secure (and I believe both are on the front flap). The Vajas are a little cooler looking, but more expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newleafdesign
    Vaja Cases are nice, little pricey though.
    I think those are the nicest cases. Im just confused on which one i want to get!
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    Quote Originally Posted by michael82574
    I think those are the nicest cases. Im just confused on which one i want to get!
    Trade in your Lamborghini and get all 3 cases in every possible color and style!

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