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    Using Treo 650 and Mac and PC.

    I have tried a few different methods and before I spend any cash on Kinoma Player a few questions since hte demo version won't play mpeg4.

    I would guess that handbrake can convert a DVD to the required size and rate for player 3 EX right? So would you really need producer?

    Or I supposed Quicktime Pro could resize and such for mpeg 4 too.

    I haven't fully exploered everything so has someone tried both or is it a tossup for play back quality?
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    My understanding is QT Pro can convert QT format video to the format native to the existing player on your Treo 650. No 3rd party player needed. If your converting DVD's you need Handbrake to convert the video to QT format first.

    The Kinoma option requires the following steps:

    Handbrake DVD to QT format
    Kinoma 3 producer to reize/convert to MP4 format
    kinoma 3EX on Treo to play

    I haven't actually tried either yet. I'm waiting for more opinons on which method provides the higher quality output.
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    QT can go native with the Palm no problem. It just has really tinny sound the video is good. I guess the question is does Kinoma 3 EX play what Handbrake can produce in mp4? If it does how is the sound and video, I would guess that it does, right?
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    I'm trying to determine which player is the best for playing dvd's on the 650. I had the 600 and mmplayer was not bad. I have an old version and would need to upgrade both mmplayer and pocket dvd studio; but before doing that, can anyone tell me if kinoma player and producer is better than pocket dvd & mmplayer?

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    TCPMP... it's free and works great on the 650.
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    Well if it was me I would try anything except mmplayer. I think it's just junk..
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    tcpmp plays files of wma?
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