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    Does anyone know of the accuracy of the battery meter in launcherIII. It seems to working but voltages keep fluctuating drastically. Any recommendations of battery meters would be appreciated.
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    I don't think you will get any different results with another battery meter. I have Launcher III, Runtime, and BatterInfo, which all give voltage levels, and as far as I have noticed they all give the same readings. My guess is the programs just get the voltage info from the OS. I have noticed fluctuation also, especially after using graphics intensive programs. It may just have to do with the chemistry of batteries. Any chemists out there care to comment?
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    I've noticed my voltage drops substantially after a HotSync but then climbs right back to where it was... I'm also using BatteryMeterhack and RunTime...

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    I don't even pretend to be a chemist, but I have read a lot of information on rechargable batteries and would assume some of it relates to standard batteries as well.

    As you use your Visor the batteries are going get warmer due to the chemical processes which are occuring. Heat itself modifies how the batteries respond, so its a cyclic relationship.

    It is already recognized that certain actions on the Visor draw more power than others.

    Beacause of these factors, you won't see a consistent and gradual change in the voltage level. Instead, as you tax the batteries heavily they'll get hotter and the voltage will drop. If you lay off a bit then things will return to more 'normal' and voltage can again rise.

    Hope this helps at least a little...

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    I have noticed too that graphics-intensive apps draw voltage down, and after "giving it a rest" the voltage will recover somewhat. Maybe the current draw is high enough to outpace the chemical reaction temporarily. (Even using ISilo to read docs seems to do this.) I have Battery Meter Hack (used with the standard launcher) and Launcher III, and they both seem to read the same.

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