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    I'm having a problem with DateBook alarms on my Treo 600. If the screen is off when an alarm goes off, the alarm sound is cut off. Only about one second of the alarm plays. If the screen is on when an alarm goes off, the whole sound plays fine.

    I've tried disabling all of the applications which I suspected might be causing problems, but nothing I've tried so far has worked. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas what is causing it?

    The apps I've tried disabling are TreoGuard (1.6.06), VolumeRocker (1.3), Graffiti Anywhere (1.5.5), ClockPop5 (5.0b1). Auto-keyguard is disabled, I'm manually turning it on when I need it.
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    Well, I found the answer to my own question, so here it is in case anyone else has this problem. I'm using Profiles 0.26 to enable multiple preference sets. The alarm is cut off when using anything but the normal profile.

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