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    I bought AIM for my Treo 650 but I can't figure out how to tell if someone has an away message up or not without actually sending them a message. Is it possible to do? Also is there anyway to look at their profile?

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    I don't think AIM supports the "away" indicator nor can you view their profile.

    Try out VeriChat. It does display the "away" indicator, plus way more useful features than what AIM provides.
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    I agree with tr30. AIM app for treo600 is not at all stable. Try stable apps.

    You should use causerie or verichat. causerie is my favorite. With 2.0 (still in beta), it would be ahead in the game. Competition is always good for users. You should try Mundu, Chatopus for one time fee but they are not comparable with the leaders yet!

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