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    The Visor User Guide says that a few games for the Visor come on the CD-ROM. Where are they? The only files I see (on the Mac) are the installer, the user guide, and the ReadMe.

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    On your hard drive look for the add on directory where ever you installed the palm desktop.

    Maybe program file\palm\add on.

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    felipe obviously has a pc, and has no idea what he's talking about. it's not his fault, but...

    once again, as mac users, we get $%#@&*%^ed (don't get me wrong, i wouldn't trade my mac for a pc for anything. anything.) but, the software is slightly different, and the geniuses who put the cd rom together forgot to store the games in a mac-readable format.

    so, if you have access to a pc, install the software on it, extract the games and either email them to your mac, or sync with the pc - if it's usb compatible (good luck).

    or, if you have a pc emulator on your mac, open it, and using its open file commands, navigate to the cd, and you should be able to see all the files on the cd, including the games - which would probably be in a folder of some type, and would finally be prc files.

    otherwise, you get to deal without.

    although, i just had this thought. perhaps if you were to email palm and ask for the games, they might email them back to you. i'm going to try that right now, as a matter of fact (i too live without the free palm games.) i'll let you know how it goes.


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    so i went to the palm website and in the quick index window in the navigation bar on the right hand side of the screen is a heading for games. this brings you to a page where you can download a game pack of four games for free. i'm not sure if they're the original four games - i seem to remember hearing something about a game called giraffe - but they look to be pretty basic (ie: just about what i expected)

    so. there you are.


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    Thanks, Matty. I'll try the PC side of my Mac, and if that doesn't work, maybe one of these days I'll get my PC to recognize that it has a USB port :-P and load it there. (Or just copy them off the disk on my PC and bring them to the Mac -- that's a thought.)

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    I can't find any games...or ANY added software, for that matter, on my Mac or PC.

    Can anyone tell me what the actual game files are on the CD? Are they the same as the ones from
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    The games are Giraffe (a Graffiti training aid), Hardball (like the old Atari game where you clear blocks from the screen by bouncing a ball off them), Minehunt (like Minesweeper), Puzzle (the old plastic slide-the-numbers-around puzzle), and Subhunt (you drop depth charges on submarines). At least that's what's in my user/Add-ons directory, and I don't remember putting them there...

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