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    I'm attempting to install PowerRun on my Treo 650 via my Mac downloading from the site. PowerRun allows me to run apps from my SD card. When I try to download from PalmGear (after purchasing the license for $15.00) all I get is a license file and the not the app. Apparently you have to download the trial version of the app first and then apply the license file. The "gotchca" in this is that the PalmGear download site says I have to first install something called StreamLync which manages the download and install of the trial version of PowerRun. StreamLync is not compatible on the Mac which effectively blocks me from install the application. There must be a way to have the Treo download the software directly via the web (I use Sprint).

    Any suggestions?
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    You should be able to download the PowerRun app. Is there a ZIP or SIT file to download? If not check elsewhere. I have it and used a Mac to put it on. Not sure where I purchased it from.

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