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    Every time I placed an email to be sent in the outbox in gmail, it didn't get sent during the next auto sync. I tried the manual get & send option; it got the mail but it didn't send the mail. However, if I used the send right away in the email itself, the mail sent right away. This sounds like a gmail problem, because my yahoo account handles this just fine.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    Yes, that happens to me every time. It is really annoying.

    Have you found any solution to it?
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    Are you using it on your desktop or an e-mail clent like Snapper Mail?
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    I am using versamail
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    I had this same problem and Im convinced that its Versamail thats at fault. Ever since I switched to Chatter email I dont have any problems sending and recieving emails (in real-time might I add). If you are using Tmobile however, try setting up a Tmobile "myemail" account with your Gmail account and it should work fine. In my opinion though, Chatter email is all you need.
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    This also happen to me with Snappermail...very annoying
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