You need to make sure you are using Voice Command version 1.5 on the pda2k or the Jam. Voice Command version 1.01 was released before either of these devices hit the market, and there are some audio device issues with these devices that caused problems with Voice Command. Version 1.5 of Voice Command has been optimized for both devices, and I think that you'll find the experience is Much better.
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great for the rom upgrade. so now the pda2k works as it should have from launch. only 3 months late in releasing a patch that makes the device usable again, not too bad i guess...

voice command sucks!! i tried it on both the pda2k and the jam, it works 1 out of 5 times and when you're actually using it (in the car, or when otherwise occupied), the ambient noise makes it so when you say call joe smith, it gives you appointments for next week. on top of that, it costs a pretty penny and im pretty sure pda2k buyers will be kinda pissed when they realise that to get one haned operation, they need to invest an extra 40-60$ on software and hope they beat the 5 to 1 odds against accurate voice dialing using voice command software. true one handed operation comes from the hardware and OS implementation, not SW addons.

oh and i dont send smses only when im in the car. try sending an sms using the pda2k while youre walking down the street with one hand. anytime you're moving or are distracted by something else you can rest assured the pda2k will be inoperable with one hand.

for wifi, great for you but again, i tested 9 pda2ks and their wifi performance when compared to a wifi sd equipped jam was dismal at best.

the gsm unlocked 650 will be out in less than 2 months, id suggest you hold your judgement on how inferior the 650 is to the pda2k till youve actually held it in your hands and taken it for a spin...