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    Has anyone tried using the Virtual Keyboard with either the Treo 650 or the Treo 600. Info on the keyboard can be found through the URL below.
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    I'd be interested to know if anyone's tried it too.

    BTW, the site you listed only ships to UK addresses. I saw this site that appears to ship it anywhere:
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    Thatís interesting; I wonder how many words you can type per minute.
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    Don't know - but it would be fun to try it out!
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    Eh... what's the point on a device like the treo which already has a integrated keyboard. First of all the screen is soo small that it would completely useless to use this without placing the Treo right next to it. IMIO, virtual keyboard liike this would make more sense with a pda with a traditional and much larger screen like the T5 or hp4700...
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    I just bought the Palm Universal Wireless keyboard and it works great with Docs to Go to take notes in meetings that I do not have to re-transcribe later.

    I have to have the phone positioned to where I can see the screen, angled as I type and I don't think this could do it very well-- too bad they don't have some sort of cradle so you can look at what you type...

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