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    Sometimes this board has TOO MUCH information . I have read countless threads regarding different aspects of emailing that answer some of my issues, but in order to make sure I get it right, I would like advice on how best to setup versamail (or other email?) email on my 650. Here is my situation: Remote office w/laptop connected to POP3 email (work and home email delivered). Laptop is almost always on during the weekday and I have it delete messages from server. I go out about 2/3 times per day on calls but w/out my laptop...what would be the best, most effiecient setup in terms of email on my Treo.
    1. Do I need to keep messages on server and let the Treo delete from Server in order to get all messages?
    2. Do I just need to Exit Outlook if I want to download emails to Treo when away?
    3. What is the best way to have email "pushed" to me? I am looking at ease of use and not worried about paying a monthly fee or buying an app (company dollar).
    4. I get a lot of large emails (I have my voicemails emailed to me as .wav files which can be over 1 meg is size), I only want the header info on these on the Treo.

    I apologize if this is a repeat, but like I said I have read hundreds of posts and am losing track of what is the best, most effiecient, and easy to setup.
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    The easiest way is to just exit outlook when you want them delivered to your treo.

    I like to have my email server forward a copy of all messages to ( that way I get an SMS text message instantly that is 160 characters (or the header as you requested) and then I decide if they are worth retreiving in versamail, because I don't like having versa auto retreive when I might be waiting for a call. Also if you set up the file size versa can downlaod for example 10k you will always only get the header and then you have the option (per message) to download the entire thing.

    Hope my rambling made sense
    I have been using the SMS texting to "push" email for the last year and love it!
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    I do the exact same thing, except I forward to a special email account/address the I retreive with snappermail on my treo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markyoung04
    4. I get a lot of large emails (I have my voicemails emailed to me as .wav files which can be over 1 meg is size), I only want the header info on these on the Treo.
    I believe the default download size on VersaMail is 5K so by default you will see a more (an icon that looks like an arrow) button when viewing the messages with large attachments.
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    Thanks for the help! I now have my home and work email servers setup to forward a copy to my SMS account and then shut down my Outlook when leaving - so now SMS pushes the message to me and if I need to read it I can. SWEET! Right now SMS is hitting my Treo faster than my 2 minute Outlook notification does!

    Now, is Snappermail that much better than Versamail?
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    Let's not forget you can use TreoHelper to have VersaMail automatically get your mail in response to your SMS message, which can then be auto deleted. Works great with a Yahoo account...
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    Quote Originally Posted by markyoung04

    Now, is Snappermail that much better than Versamail?
    No, they're about the same. IMO.
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    I use Chatter and forward my e-mail to Usually, I get anemail about 30 seconds after it is sent.

    Chatter downloads anywhere from 250 to 60000 bytes (setup in the Deliver options), so you could set it to download just the headers and if you want to read more, load more.
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    DHAnderson - I saw the light on Chatter, setup an account on Fastmail and now I am in true push heaven .

    Chatter is fantastic.

    I will say this about the author of Chatter (and many other developers that comb these boards), the ability to email suggestions/issues and then to see an update in a matter of days is awesome. I'm fairly new to Palm and the Treo - I can not tell you have glad I am to have found this site.

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