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    Hi all! I was wondering if there is a way to tranfer my todo data to Datebook. I have a whole bunch of things written down in my todo
    list and the way I deal with it is that, at the beginning of the day I decide what to do and re-write them in my datebook. Is there an
    alternative to writing the whole thing manually into Datebook.

    Also, whats the difference between datebook and Datebook+? Thanx.

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    You can have your todo's show up automatically in datebook plus...

    Make sure you select Datebook plus as the default calender in its menu...
    The todo options are in datebook plus's menu...
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    there's also a great app that does this for you, and so much more - it splits the page into 1/2 calandar, 1/2 to do, lets you add contacts to your appts. and todos and then links them directly with your address book for easy reference, and it has icons for everything.

    its called action names from
    and i tried it for one day before i realized i had to have it. its averagely priced 19.95, but a steal for its functionality.

    btw, i am in no way affiliated with iambic, except that i love their product line. the three most used apps on my visor are iambic apps - action names, all time, and tiny sheet. i think their stuff is just great.

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    The new version of DateBk3 (DateBk4) not only allows split views between your datebook and the other three databases, but also allows you to link specific dates with specific items in those databases. It is really cool and should be out of beta shortly.

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