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    I don't have versamail or snapper, just plain old Mail Application that comes with the Treo 60o. Anyone point me to some instructions on using gmail with my phone?

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    You will only be able to download messages from Gmail to the Treo with that Mail application. In order to also send, you will have to get Versamail or SnapperMail.
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    Actually, it is possible to use the native Mail application to send & receive gmail- but you need a little help in the form of another smtp (outgoing) server. I used the standard recommended setup for POP and my earthlink account smtp server as my gmail SMTP server rather than the one noted by gmail instructions and it works great.
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    One question. How did you set up the SSL ports that gmail needs in the Native email app on the Treo? Also if you used the smtp server for earthlink doesn't your email look like it's coming from earthlink...
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    Incoming (POP3) Server:

    Outgoing (SMTP) Server:

    Leave mail on Server - personal preference
    SSL required for POP3 - check
    SSL required for SMTP - uncheck

    for outgoing mail server
    full earthlink email address
    passwork: earthlink password

    That was it - did not need to specify ports (did need to set gmail to allow pop access although not sure this is really necessary). The first time took a while - so you have to be patient and not kill it - it will work. btw - Others have used their Sprint smtp address (as noted on other threads) with success.
    Emails will come from and look like they come from your gmail account - although if someone exposes your full headers they will see the earthlink (or sprint) smtp relay address but I can't imagine that would be an issue....

    Good Luck.
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    I use versamail and those settings worked for me. Thanks for the tip basic
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    Damn I use the native email app and it's still crashing and dying on me?

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