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    I have a Treo650, but I think this is a general question. The screen has a white boarder or frame around the launcher and/or the applications themselves. I want to turn it red to preserve my night vision (I use the device for astronomy). I have tried with Colorize and Khroma, but neither seems to affect this region. Anyone have any ideas?

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    wow, I think you are looking at a hardware solution for that one.

    I have looked very closely at mine to see if they were really pixels along the edge of if maybe the backlight was slightly bigger than the area covered by pixels.

    They look like pixels to me. Which means they SHOULD be software controllable, but, I tried every app I could think of that tries and wants to draw full screen edge to edge and all of them left that same border.

    Which suggests that those pixels may be out of the reach of software.

    Which means, here is my idea.

    Buy a pack of screen protectors, put a piece of tape along each edge leaving only 1 mm exposed, and blacken the exposed edge with a Sharpie permanent ink marker. Maybe let it dry and do more than one layer.

    Then be exquisitely careful about positioning when applying the screen protector.

    It's not too good of an answer though even if it works.
    Even though the ink is "permanent" it'll wear in spots and the stylus will smear it onto the clean parts a little.
    If you could draw on the sticky side that would eliminate that, but I wouldn't risk letting that ink touch the real screen directly.

    I bet there is spillover anyways even if you do everything perfect just because of the thickness of the screen and the distance between the actual light on the bottom surface and the mask on the top surface.

    Good luck.
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