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    Hi guys,
    first time poster

    thanks to a few suggestions I downloaded the mMovie but I need a card so it doesn't run outa space. Right now with no card I can record 20 seconds before getting the low space warning. I would like to get a 512 or 1GB card but have no clue which one and what else do I need to transfer /sync any files to the main PC. I would also like to eventually put a few MP3s or other info there. Do I need a separate device to transfer or is the normal sync cable and program enough?

    I'm very happy now that I downloaded this program that disconnects automatically after the data connection has been idle for a need to deal with the VW customer "service" regarding $1500 in charges so I'm trying to use this even more.

    any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    The program you that Connection Manager?
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    Quote Originally Posted by splufdaddy
    The program you that Connection Manager?
    yeah and it works great.
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    Sorry to hijack your thread - I tried Conn Manager, and it looked like it was just a different interface to start your connection instead of going to Preferences > Network. I may not have given it enough of a chance though. What features do you like about it?
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    Mine starts automatically whenever I use the web or the avantgo thingy.
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    does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I've had great success with Transcend flash memory (SD can CF). They offer a 45x SD card (512 or 1 Gb) that's good quality and a good price. is a great place to buy. From my understanding, there are only two manufacturers of most flash cards, and they are rebadged by companies that resell them.

    You'll really want a card reader, or (what I use) Card Export II. It's an app for the Treo that allows you to use the Treo as a USB drive. So as long as you have a sync cable with you, you can hook it up to any computer and see it as a virtual drive.
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    I've always been able to find killer prices at A card reader is a nice thing to have and so is the USB charge-n-sync cable from Palm One.
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    "the USB charge-n-sync cable from Palm One"

    is this (sync program & cable) enough to read and save the data from the SD Card? if I don't need to, I rather not get the card reader.
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