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    After some issues with the 650 and me deciding to get rid of it, i have had a change of heart. Its a great little gadget if you are using it as just that, a gadget. I have been receiving complaints about the background noise. Nothing like most people where they say the are heard broken up or "in a box". People simply hear the background more than me. Has anyone else experienced this. I went to shadowmites site to get the patch, but i dont know if it will fix this problem, and i dont know with file to download. Can someone help me out.
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    excuse the typo, i dont now WHICH file to download
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    Which custom ROM you choose will depend on which features you want added or removed from the ROM.

    For example, I use ROM #3, which adds the voice quality and Bluetooth dial-up networking patches and VoiceMemo and NotePad apps, and removes RealPlayer, Get BC, Download, and Quick Tour. If you don't want to add or remove anything other than the Voice Quality patch, then choose "Original Voice Quality Patched ROM".

    Once you have the file, follow the excellent instructions in this thread.

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