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    Anyone tried all three? I was leaning towards the 660 until I found about the AX and 500.
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    the 660 is definitely better than Scala. As for the AX, I can't imagine it is that effective as a basic hearing aid sized device, es. for the mic. (but I have not tried it yet)
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    This post is very simular to apost started earlier ,other than the addition of the bluespoon.

    My comparison and others btwn the HBH and Scala are listed.
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    Hmmm....this is a tough one. I have seen the Scala on ebay for $36.99 from a reputable seller. The HBH 660 is going for $77. What would you do?
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    Which reputable seller?
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    $13 shipping! I wonder what the other places charge for shipping...probably comes out the same....
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    Not really. Anyway, I ordered an HBH-660 from Dan's. Seems like that's what most people are going for/recommend
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    Dan's? Can you be more specific? I'm interested in the HBH-660....
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    Oh sorry about that, here is the link:
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    The Scala 500 is at J&R for 39.99 + 4.99 for shipping!
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    thanks for the links!
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    also, has the scala 500 for $42.99 plus free ups ground...

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