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    650 & scala 500 manuals both mention using voice tags..but don't elaboate on setting it up. I want to use voice tags to speed dial favorites.... is it possible & how do you set it up?
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    No bt support for this on the 650 yet. Here's hoping for something soon...
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    if no support, then why does 650 manual say u can if the BT device suppports it?
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    The 650 only works with voice tags if the headset supports it. Most headsets only work with voice tags if the phone supports it. So we end up SOL.
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    those b*stards!!!
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    Any progress. I have the same problem.
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    There's no progress to be just isn't supported. Unless PalmOne adds it in an update, it won't work.
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    I realize this has been discussed ad nauseum, but the Scala instructions state that the headset supports voice tags, and the T650 states the same. How can it be that both support it, yet it doesn't work????
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    Because PalmOne put out a product with EXTREMELY flawed BT implementation. The volume issue alone indicates that, and something as assinine as BOTH manuals saying its supported, but NO ONE on God's Green Earth being able to make it work confirms it.
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    Maybe Shadowmite might be able to help?
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    I think the treo 650 was only set up to be voicetag compatible, not to actually have voicetags. I read somewhere on this board that voicetags work (only) with car kits.

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