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    So much good advice here, but i need some consolidation/advice..

    I was a Treo 300 user who then switched to a Samsung i500, but now am back to Treo land...

    I'm using Zlauncher and have successfully moved volumes to the SD card, am playing movies off the card in 3GP format and the like, but there are SOOO many utilities that expand the functionality, question is, what are the power users running?

    I have butler which is ok....Pocket tunes is up and running along with splashphoto

    What I need/want is mp3 ringers, a program that will automatically turn on the damn radio, so on....

    There is Treoguard, Treohelper, Callfilter, Treoblahblah etc....

    What do the expert run out of all the developers tools?
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    Search the boards for "essentials" and you should find several threads discussing this very topic....

    To directly answer the mp3 ringer question, it depends on functionality requirements. Look at Technician, Lightwav, and callfilter for starters. Treohelper is useful for psuedo-push email and can also turn the radio on after a reset.

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    Problem is, it is hard to know which apps in those threads are 650 friendly!
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    I also have an odd issue where the touchscreen is completely dead when I turn the machine on...I can use the 5 way, but not the screen....

    I've turned the keyguard off, tried S, etc... NOTHING!


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