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    When I got my Treo 600, GoodLink was installed and the standard Calendar and Phone Applications are gone. Where can I get the standard Calendar.prc file so I reinstall the standard App?

    I currently sync my Corporate Outlook account with GoodLink. I want to sync my personal Palm Desktop to the standard Calendar App.

    Thanks Forum for your assistance.
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    The standard calendar app is in ROM. It should reappear if you delete Goodlink. It should also be accessible from the Palm standard launcher. The hard buttons for the calendar and phone apps are probably mapped to Goodlink. You might also try checking the button assigmnets in the Preferences app.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, I can't delete (unistall) GoodLink as it is my connection to my Outlook Calendar at work. I am running Mail to my personal email, and GoodLink Mail to my Outlook Mail. That is what I want to do with my Calendar too.

    Also, when I go into Delete applications, Calendar is not there. Also checked Button assignments in Preferences, and Calendar wasn't there... do you know any way to get the PRC file so I can Install it again?

    Thanks Zane, any more good ideas?
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    When I go to the Buttons section of Preferences, I have four icons on the left side--Phone, Datebook, Email, and Power. There are dropdown lists of every app I have installed. I have my Datebook button assigned to Datebk5. You should be able to change the assignment there. You can also assign an app to option+Datebook button.
    If you don't have options there, you might want to contact your IT department or GoodLink tech support for help.
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    Hi Zane (and anyone else who reads this thread):
    After you told me the name was "Datebook" (not "Calendar"), I did a search via Google, and found the PRC file on a Symbol Website. I have attached Datebook.prc to this thread, as a courtesy to the next bloak who suffers the same consequences.

    When I added the file to Add-ons, it uploaded fine. When I launched "Datebook" from my Treo, the Treo re-booted immediately, and when it came back, "Calendar" was in my Treo, and Datebook, was gone.


    I immediately sync'd with my Palm Software Calendar, and am 100% live with separate calendars, and thanks to the GoodLink, with two separate email systems as well (Work via GoodLink, and Home (MSN autoforward to Sprint)).

    Thanks Zane, for your efforts and may you have a prosperous 2005.
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