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    I have a small request...

    Button mappings for the 650 do not work properly in the GuineaPig (Genesis, TG16, SMS, Atari 2600) emulator. I think fixing this is as simple as someone downloading the source code and changing the button mappings. I figure anyone who has even marginal experience creating Treo apps could figure this out in 5 minutes.

    I thought I'd request this as I'm not sure the developer of this software cares to make it compatible with the 650's- there is a thread going in his forum regarding this, but he hasn't responded.

    I believe this is the only Sega Genesis EMU for the palm. I tried a few roms and they play perfectly, only the button mappings make actually playing the games impossible.

    I'm sure alot of people would appreciate it. The source code is posted in his site.

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    Curious why this post was moved here as it's specific to the 650 and applies to no other palm devices?
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    I have had a couple moved as well. They really need the all the categories to be sub categories of each Treo device. That would be very helpful and MUCH more ACCURATE than just moving stuff without any regard to specific devices.
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    I agree, and with all of the software hacking threads going on in the 650 forum, there's no reason this one shouldn't be there too. I have a feeling it's gonna be overlooked here as any who doesn't own a 650 won't care.
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    If you look just in the 650 forum at all the Software and bluetooth related threads, its plain to see they move stuff randomly with absolutely no regard to content.

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